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Wines & Beers

Wines & Beers



Prosecco – Giovanno Bosco Atelie – smooth, fruity, crisp and aromatic (11% Vol) – Glass (125ml) £5.8     Bottle (750ml) £23


Pinot Grigio Ca Montebello – a superior example of this wine – fresh and fruity – extremely drinkable (11.5% Vol)       Glass (175ml) £4.90   Bottle (750ml) £17

Vermentino Di Sardinia – Cantine Di Monserrato 2015 – bone dry, woody with floral notes – great with seafood, as well as pizza (13% Vol) –       Bottle (750ml) £19

Pinot Nero (White) CaMontebello 2014 – bursting with freshness, this wine has lush notes of green apple in abundance, together with good acidity. Simply delicious (12%)                                                                          Bottle (750ml) £22

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2014 – aromas of apricots and citrus fruits, gently nutty with an elegant complexity – a class act (12.5% Vol) –       Bottle (750ml) £25


Bardolino Chiaretto, Bolla 2015 – beautiful coral pink, fresh and dry, with cherry & floral aromas on the palate 2015 (12% Vol)                     Bottle (750ml) £22.5


Aglianico Benventano, Iovine 2015 – smooth and supple with generous flavours of red fruit and a hint of dark chocolate (12% Vol) – Glass (175ml) £4.6     Bottle (750ml) £16

Barbera Ca Montebello, Oltrepo Pavese 2014 – ruby red in colour, with great structure and body, fruity aromas and a whisper of liquorice (13% Vol)                 –                                                                                                                  Bottle (750ml) £20

Salice Salentino Riserva Epicuro 2012 – a beautiful pomegranate colour, rich and complex with intense flavours of dark fruits, coffee and leather (13.5% Vol) –                                                                                                         Bottle (750ml) £22

Pinot Nero Rosso (Red) Ca Montebello 2014 – a bright ruby-red wine with purple reflections. Full-bodies yet elegant, with notes of violets giving way to a raspberry and blueberry jammy flavour on the tongue (12.5% Vol) –Bottle (750ml) £24

*Wine by the glass is 175ml as standard but is available as a 125ml glass on request


Birra Menebrea – a true classic, the flagship beer from Italy’s oldest brewery, lightly-coloured lager with delicate citrus zest, floral and subtle hop flavours (4.8%)(330ml) – £4.2

Ichnusa – light and golden in colour, well-balanced with a pleasant bitter note, crisp and refreshing with a pleasant scent of hops (4.7%) (330ml) – £3.8

Birra Moretti – a quality beer made using traditional methods and a unique blend of hops. Perfectly balanced (4.6%)(330ml) – £3.8

Birra Moretti Siciliana – a beautifully-crafted beer with intense floral aromas and overtones of citrus blossom (5.8%)(500ml) – £6.2

Baladin Isaac – a cloudy, apricot colour with a creamy head, and a scent of yeast and citrus, melting into a spicy harmony of coriander and orange peel (5%)(330ml) – £5.9




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